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Compliance regulations are ever-changing and complex, which is why we simplify compliance for you so you understand what you’re responsible for and when.

Property managers and agents are not qualified to manage rental property compliance nor fix faults.

Whilst it may fall under their service offering, the responsibility ultimately lies with the landlord. Our service ensures that both the agent and landlord have compliance peace of mind, without the stress of managing it.

Compliance is your responsibility, not your agents, and not the Strata’s.

The legislation clearly places the responsibility of property safety and compliance on Landlords. Furthermore, rental property compliance requirements (including smoke alarms) are not covered by Strata’s annual checks. This is a common and dangerous misconception.

Smoke Alarm legal requirements

Each time a tenancy change occurs, alarms must be checked.

Any faults must be repaired or replaced within 2 business days.

Records must be kept of all checks and replacements, including batteries.

Alarms must be replaced every 10 years as per the manufacturers warranty

Evidence that the alarms meet all statutory requirements; placement, type, decibel output (exceed 85db).

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