Cancellation Policy

Compliance subscriptions will renew automatically on their 12-month expiry, otherwise referred to as the ‘Renewal Date’. The Renewal Date is displayed on the right-hand side of the annual subscription invoice.

Subscription may be cancelled as per our policy below;

SUBMIT A CANCELLATION In writing by work order or email to

REQUIRED NOTICE PERIOD Cancellation requests must be received in writing (no later than) 7 days prior to the Annual Subscription Renewal Date

NO REFUND POLICY Property Services 360 has a no refund policy unless notice was received as per this cancellation policy

COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE EXPIRY FOR CANCELLED SUBSCRIPTIONS Compliance certifications may show compliance (via the Next Service Due date) succeeding a subscription cancellation date, however our liability cover and service guarantee will cease at the time of cancellation

CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP Requests for subscription transfer due to change of ownership must be made in writing (by work order or email) within 7 days of settlement. Existing subscription terms will remain the same & will be payable under the same terms by the new property owner. Alternatively, the outgoing Owners subscription may be cancelled under the terms of this policy and a new subscription requested with the new
property Owner.