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We take care of compliance so you can do what you do best. Our consolidated service saves you time, reduces admin and eliminates stress with 100% compliance guaranteed, just leave it to us.


Our service holistically integrates with your existing workflow and software, allowing for a seamless transition and multiple ongoing benefits.


We understand that every agency has its own systems and processes, often developed over many years and for good reason. As such, we don’t try to change how you work but enhance your existing workflow making your life easier, not harder.


We partner with all leading management software providers to ensure that our technology integrates seamlessly with yours, reducing admin and increasing efficiency.

Our API communicates directly with your system to ensure that information for each property is accurate and up to date, removing the necessity for manual processes and in turn, human error.


Communicating with your landlords, especially when switching to a new service provider can be tricky, so we make it as easy as possible for them and you. By providing your agency with a unique landing page and necessary comms, we streamline the process of attaining the necessary permissions making sure your portfolio is compliant, quickly.


Automated compliance management eliminates admin and guarantees regulatory compliance for every property that you manage.

Subscription model

Our annual compliance assurance model ensures that there are no gaps in your service or your compliance rating, regardless of the volume or frequency of faults or inspections.


We liaise with the tenant directly to plan and execute all inspections for you, eliminating unnecessary admin whilst giving you and the tenant full transparency throughout the process through our portal.


All faults are responded to, assessed and resolved by our technicians within 2 business days, in-line with NSW Government Regulations and at no extra cost to you or the landlord.


Detailed compliance certificates and on-demand reporting allow you to evaluate your portfolio and make informed decisions.

Compliance certificates

Our compliance certificates go a step above, providing you and the landlord with a detailed report including technical information and imagery to be called upon as and when required.


Detailed reporting allows you to fully evaluate the compliance status for groups and individual properties, enabling you to provide landlords with detailed insights.


Accessing our agent portal and dashboard enables you to quickly view your portfolio’s compliance status, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

Property Services 360 provides consistently professional service giving comfort to our landlords and tenants whilst working with us to decrease our compliance risk. We highly recommend them.

With the increased workload through COVID-19 working with Property services 360 meant we didn’t have to worry about compliance services and routine inspections for our properties. It just gets done and reported back to us so we can see the results when we need to but we don’t have to worry about it at all.

We use Property Services 360 for all aspects of our rental property compliance and routine inspections including smoke alarms and water testing. We have been using them now for over two years and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Kylie Walsh
Director & Founder
Mark Taylor
Gerard Hill
Winner REIA Best Property Management Team in Australia

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