Your property, your responsibility

As the landlord of a rental property, it is your legal responsibility to ensure your investment meets regulatory compliance requirements in accordance with NSW Government Dept Fair Trading legislation. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to $2,200.

Regulatory requirements for smoke alarms

  • Smoke alarms must be tested at least once per year. 
  • Additional tests are required at each change of tenancy. 
  • Faults, including batteries, must be addressed within 72hrs. 
  • All tests and services must be documented. 

Can I do it myself?

Technically, yes. However, depending on specific faults and required actions, you may be unable to sufficiently fulfill the legal requirements. More importantly, you would be solely liable for any faults or breach of regulations. 

Property Services 360 assures that you and your property are legally protected 365 days per year.

Compliance FAQ’s

Penalties of up to $2,200 are issued to landlords by the NSW Gov Dept of Fair Trading if properties are non-compliant.

Smoke alarms must be tested, and if unsatisfactory replaced, annually or each time a tenancy is changed. Each alarm must be replaced every 10-years as per the manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes, in theory. However, records must be kept of all checks and replacements, including batteries and evidence that the alarms meet all statutory requirements; placement, type, and decibel output (exceed 85db).

Yes! Regardless of STRATA, compliance in` your property is your responsibility.

Water efficiency tests are mandatory at the beginning of every tenancy. There must be no leaking taps and maximum flow rates of not more than 9 liters a minute for internal cold water, single mixer taps, and shower heads must be established.

40% of house fires are caused by electrical appliances and electrical faults that could have been prevented by having working safety switches. Safety switches should be push tested regularly and if failed, checked by a licensed electrician.

The Office of Fair Trading recommends the bottom of any blind cord is at least 160cm above floor level, complies with Australian Standards and is made compliant by cutting the cord and/or installing window clips and cleats to safely contain the cords out of harm’s way.

The Property Services 360 Promise

Annual fixed cost subscription

Our billing cycle is annual and fixed cost, meaning that once your service starts, you will always know when and what you will be charged. 

Unlimited services and callouts

Each subscription includes unlimited call-outs and servicing, regardless of faults or tenancy changes.

Replacement batteries and alarms included.

There is no additional charge for replacement alarms or batteries. 

Tax deductible expense

The cost of our service is an entirely tax deductible expense.

Managed directly with your agent and tenant.

All communication is managed directly with your property manager and Tennant. 

Compliance certifications as standard

We create, share, and store a record of each service which is free for you to access should you ever need it. 

Happy to take it on? 

How you manage your smoke alarm compliance is your choice. If you would prefer to manage this yourself or use another provider, please complete the form below. 

Please note that [XYZ Agency] cannot reasonably carry the risk of non-compliance in properties under our management. If you choose not to enter into an ongoing service agreement, we require that you declare your intention by opting out. If there is no response received by you before [DATE]  you will be opted into this program.

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